Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stuck In the Middle With You (and the name reveal spoiler)

Hard to believe the second trimester is almost over....I am not sure if we will be blessed with more children after this one, so I am truly treasuring this season of creating a new life. Although my life has never lent itself easily to new transitions, so far this one hasn't been bad at all.

Has it been an easy pregnancy?

Yep.  No morning sickness, and the doctor says everything is progressing perfectly.  My only issue is that my belly is now so large I can barely bend over. And forget about shaving my legs, it's a lost cause at this point.  It's so long I told Matt I might as well donate it to Locks of Love, LOL.

Are you getting nervous about delivery?

Physically no, emotionally yes. I know when I hold the baby in the hospital and cuddle her in the hospital, during that vital mother-child bonding time, it will hit me like a ton of bricks that NO ONE did that with Hannah. That for months my baby was alone and had no one to celebrate her birth, dress her in cute clothes, or even take a picture.  It's crazy but I think giving birth will make my love for Hannie even stronger.

Are you planning a natural childbirth?

I'm having a natural childbirth in that it's natural to take drugs that lessen excruciating pain.

How's Hannah handling things?

Pretty good, but not super excited about sharing her things with the newbie. I tried taking some old baby clothes of her out of her closet to put in the baby's room, and she wasn't happy. At this point, I am basically smuggling onesies out of there like a mexican drug lord.  I told her if she gave the baby the quilt from her toddler bed, she could go to the store and pick out all new bedding. She let that marinate for a few minutes and then slyly says to me...I think I'll just wait till my birthday for the bedding. So yeah.

Do you feel the baby move?

ALL. THE. TIME. Like, she never stops. There are two things that get her really excited. Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream and the sound of Hannah's voice. Both get me kicked in the ribs :-)

Have you been working on the nursery?

Yes!!!  Here are some pics....SPOILER ALERT...her name is on the wall :-)

So that is her name, Caroline Hope Eckert. We CAN'T WAIT to meet our Sweet Caroline. In the eternal words of Neil Diamond, 
Good Times Never Felt So Good.

Until Then,

Matt, Erin and Hannah


Trudi said...

I LOVE her name!!! As you know, that is what i named my daughter so many moons ago. And everything else you posted is SO totally normal!!! Glad you are doing natural your way - i did too. And that your sweet Caroline loves that particular graeber's flavor - mine too!!!! We're coming on yet another exciting time in the Eckert household! Xoxo

Carolyn Tarpey said...

I guessed the name Caroline from when you give the hint of her name starts with a C, I said, I bet it is Caroline!
Wonderful post and so exciting!